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Mudaliarkuppam Boat Club

"Boats propelling with the rhythm of splashing waters, drifting cotton candy clouds on bright blue sky and the hushing winds urge you to doze."

Also known as Raindrop Boat House, is a water sport facility located on the East Coast Road, 36 km to the south of Mamallapuram and 92 km from Chennai in India. It has rowing, cruising, speed boating, water scooting and kayaking facilities. Mudaliarkuppam backwaters is a brackish water lagoon adjacent to the Bay of Bengal on the East Coast Road. This is yet another haven for wading birds and migratory ducks. The habitat consists of coastal water mudflats, sand banks and salt pans. Hundreds of greater flamingos can be spotted here throughout the year. Thousands of migratory ducks, terns and waders can also be spotted during winter months.

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